Website Design

Website is the most crucial thing in the world of digital technology. Every customer expects their service provider to have online presence. Website helps establish credibility among customers.  Digital marketing need to have a website in its basic form. The web has far more reach than any other form of advertising. A business without a proper website may be losing out on potential customers. 

Young Hat is one of the top website design company in Nepal and follows industry-standard technology. We design visually appealing websites and organize in such a way that it bags a good score and performance in Google Ranking. 

There are many web design and development companies in Nepal. But we stand out among the crowd because we have our own niche in the sector of website. Building a website is easy, but building a website that converts is difficult. Young Hat walks you from all phases of website design and development:

  1. Website wireframe (Sketch)
  2. PSD Design
  3. Converting Design to HTML.
  4. Programming HTML to dynamic language.
  5. Site Optimization
  6. Search Engine Optimization.

A standard and genuine website methodology involve all of the steps above. 

Website Features

Contact Info
Image Slideshows
Google Maps
Newsletter Signups
Google Analytics
Social Media Intergration

Basic Pages

Home Page

A home page is where your visitors land. It is just like the entrance to your house. A neat, clean and attractive home page is a must for all websites.

Contact Us

It is very mandatory that your customers know your location. Provide your contact number, address and also a Google map specifying the location of your business.


Porfolio is a record of your past work done which you may want to show your visitors.


If you know general questions that may be asked by majority of your customers, you may post a Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) area.

Chat & Support

Instant support is loved by all customers. For instant support, you may include a Live chatting system to let your customers interact with you in real time.

About Us

It is where you tell your visitors about your company in detail. You may also include your mission, vision and values of your business on this page.


Blog is an area of your website to display useful tips, information, or knowledge to help your customers. You may publish different articles on particular subject.

Services & Products

You may want to let know your web visitors about your services or products along with its features and benefits.

Terms & Conditions

There may be certain terms and conditions which your customers must pertain to.

Privacy Policy

If you know general questions that may be asked by majority of your customers, you may post a Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) area.

Client's Review